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Grenier Participates In A Resolution Race

Adrian Grenier, the star of entourage runs to keep himself fit for his life. It was when his intensity was kicked that he started to perform well and made running his pastime. He found revelry in his running. Holly Perkins is the man behind his achievement as he is the celebrity trainer. Adrian was introduced to running through a new medium labeled as intensity training and running.

Initially for him it was all Plain Sailing but it soon turned out be a major intensity driven running. His body slowly started to make connection with the running that he followed. The intensity running is hailed as a top procedure in most of the American training. Initially the style involves method by which fat is burned in between the alternating periods. Read more »

Fiennes Finishes Sahara Marathon at 71

While many post 70 chooses to retire & lead a calm life, it’s still all-adventure for veteran explorer Sir Fiennes. The man has finished his run at the grueling Sahara Marathon des Sables & it earned him the record of being the oldest Brit to complete the extremely dangerous race.

The 71-year-old plucky adventurer crossed finishing mark at 7:37 in the evening post a run for 6 days at a stretch in more than 50C heat in South Morocco desert. Read more »

Madden 15 Running Tips – How to Hard Cut & Hesitate

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Usain Bolt presents Virgin Media Sports Season Ticket

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Athletes running in cold taking huge risk

In spite of the cold temperatures as well as wind chills of the winter season so far, several athletes go on to get their running distances outside. The University of Kansas Hospital doctors told that few athletes are showing up with cold-related troubles, and it is not only the chance of frostbite. According to reports, a specialist told that well-conditioned, healthy athletes dressed in several layers of protection are carrying a risk working out in uttermost temperatures.

University of Kansas Hospitals Dr. Bill Barkman told that those who are running in winter are stressing the system by inhaling all that cold air, and it may even lead you to the emergency room to be evaluated with chest pains or discomfort or shortness of breath. Read more »

Usain Bolt – The Fastest Man Alive, Part 2

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