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Walk/Run Prayer is the key

Running is becoming an enthusiastic passion among weight conscious people determined to shed off some extra pounds, and this is done while praying with the rosary in hand to avoid distractions.

This situation has come to light owing to the 50 year old Jan Taylor from New Zealand, who had managed to win the New Zealand Weight Watchers Slimmer of the Year award for her awards and her amazing achievement of shedding a total of sixty three kilograms from an initial one hundred and thirty two kilograms through a period of seven years.  She put it all down to a Yacht Charter holiday in Scotland.

Deciding it was time she should pay a little attention to herself, the kindergarten teacher from Wyndham started to take up the one thing she was assigned to supervise her pupils on: running. “And there has been no looking back. I plan to run on every marathon in every continent; however this year I have missed out. The Great Naseby Water Race took the place of that. This has also somehow trained me for the upcoming New York marathon that will take place in November,” said Taylor who clocked nine hours to complete the fifty kilometers race. The past seven years, she has reportedly taken part and finished fourteen marathons in six continents.

Jan had an aversion to exercising since she can recall however running has put up a whole new perspective and she had been passionate about it for the past seven years. She said she has been hooked to the regimen after she devoured a book by Kerre Woodham on running and participating in the 2009 Paris Marathon. She combines her running with praying and that is the secret to her motivation. The Great Naseby Race was conducted in complimentary parts of 50km, 60km, 80km and 100km in which a total of 156 athletes participated.

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Running To Stay Fit; A Revolutionary Step By The Nike

A movement called as We Own the Night by Nike goes beyond the race. It is a movement. The movement is for fit and healthy runners. It is more of a trend that involves people socially. The event was held at the Park of Victoria in London. It was a party cum running event.

A warm up event was held before the actual event. The event is held to empower women. The course of the race was marked distinctly. Volunteers throughout helped in other water sports. Live music was also going on along with running. It was a brand promotion rather than an actual running event. The high brands that were the highlights of the event were necklace designed by designer of London and it also provided for the promotion of Nike’s brands.

The event is all about women running throughout the night that symbolizes their empowerment. The best score for an individual is 10 k. But running should not be combined with brands that are what the runners point out. The event turned out to a glam one. But it is the most easy and convenient exercise that does not harm a person’s health or body. What one needs is a good pair of shoes and a well constructed and well maintained pavement.

It is reported that more number of people involved in running will have a long lasting and healthy lifestyle. But athleticism with sponsorships and advertising by corporate go hand in hand for many years now. Nike provides a lot of positivity with races and multitude of events- donating for a charity, training schedules, organizing clubs where runners would be selected and grouped into the clubs. Unless the effort comes from within it is going to be a long task uphill.