Athletes running in cold taking huge risk

In spite of the cold temperatures as well as wind chills of the winter season so far, several athletes go on to get their running distances outside. The University of Kansas Hospital doctors told that few athletes are showing up with cold-related troubles, and it is not only the chance of frostbite. According to reports, a specialist told that well-conditioned, healthy athletes dressed in several layers of protection are carrying a risk working out in uttermost temperatures.

University of Kansas Hospitals Dr. Bill Barkman told that those who are running in winter are stressing the system by inhaling all that cold air, and it may even lead you to the emergency room to be evaluated with chest pains or discomfort or shortness of breath.

Not just does outdoor exercise in low temperature put some stress on the body, athletes require to be extra persevering about staying hydrated. Barkman told that if it is very cold out there, drink warm fluids. Even if you just warm the water – you do not have to put tea in it. Only drink warm water to keep your core temperature up.

He added that athletes must take workouts indoors when temperatures hit utmost cold. He told that at very least, people must use buddy system so a running partner could recognize hypothermia signs before a medical emergency. Those signals include alterations in someone’s speech, heart rate and breathing.