Fiennes Finishes Sahara Marathon at 71

While many post 70 chooses to retire & lead a calm life, it’s still all-adventure for veteran explorer Sir Fiennes. The man has finished his run at the grueling Sahara Marathon des Sables & it earned him the record of being the oldest Brit to complete the extremely dangerous race.

The 71-year-old plucky adventurer crossed finishing mark at 7:37 in the evening post a run for 6 days at a stretch in more than 50C heat in South Morocco desert.

A brave heart that he is, Sir Fiennes could not be stopped till he reached the finish line even when the grueling exertion became taxing on the heart for him. It was his biggest test since he completed a trip around the Uk on some Scottish charter yachts. His mighty run helped to raise around 1 million pounds for the Marie Curie foundation.

Ranulph Fiennes

However, he has touted the ultra marathon 256 km finale as the toughest of footraces. The final stage saw him running for ten hours across the desert.

“My motivation for the last 5 days was the wonderful work of nurses from Marie Curie”, stated Sir Ranulph prior to his run for the final day.

“Night 7 day they’re tirelessly caring for patients through some really difficult & tough times. It’s all about gathering funds to aid them in continuing with their great work & hence nothing could stop me at this moment”, the great man added to the 100m 200m 2012 2013 After Basic Before Beginner BEGINNERS Best Bolt Breathing Championships Dash Diamond Faster Final Form from IAAF Improve League London LOSS Marathon Mens Moscow Olympics Part Proper race Record Running Speaks Sports Technique Tips Track Trail Training Universal Usain WEIGHT Wins World